Grease Trap Cleaning & Disposal

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Worry-Free Grease Trap Service

Grease traps play a critical role in the effective waste management of today's commercial kitchens. A properly working grease trap will separate the fat, oil, grease and solid waste from the water as it travels through the grease trap. The fat, oil, grease and solid waste are collected and stored in the grease trap tank. This system allows us to process the wastewater from your commercial kitchen sink, dishwasher or floor drain into the local sewer system with reduced food waste contamination.

A grease trap will become less effective as solid waste, oil, grease, and fat accumulate. Significant and potentially costly issues can arise when ignored and left to build up. We can set up your business on a time-and-money-saving preventive maintenance schedule, or we can just come when you call us. We strive to give you top-quality commercial service, from the best-known name in the business – Superior Steam & Vac.

Our Service Includes

  • Clean Grease Trap
    Cleaning of interior & exterior grease traps, even ones in confined space locations
  • Full Pump Out
    We pump out all fat, oil, grease & solid waste, don't settle for skimming the top
  • Scrape Buildup
    Thoroughly scrape all grease trap walls to remove the hardened grease buildup
  • Transportation & Disposal
    Dispose of all grease trap waste at licensed processing facilities (SPL)
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