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Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is required by law for virtually every commercial cooking establishment. Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, employee cafeterias and other food-service locations that have a “hood” and ductwork over the stove to exhaust smoke, steam, and fumes out of the building. These exhaust gases leave a residue on the inside of the ductwork. This is usually a grease residue of some sort, depending on the type of cooking.

Char grills commonly leave heavy black grease. Chinese cooking normally deposits a sticky or rubbery residue. When a charcoal or wood-burning stove is in use soot and ash residue builds up in the ductwork. Dishwashers leave heavy moist deposits. When the build-up of grease becomes heavy, a fire hazard exists. Approximately one out of three restaurant fires are caused by grease.

Our Service Includes

  • Inspection
    A full inspection of your kitchen exhaust system & explaining any potential deficiencies we may have found
  • Cleaning
    Thoroughly clean using a combination of government approved chemicals, steam & pressure washing
  • Maintenance & Repairs
    We are capable of emergency mechanical & preventative maintenance, always informing you so there are no surprises
  • Respect
    We treat your kitchen, customers & employees with the consideration & respect they deserve
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Exhaust Cleaning Schedule

Your cleaning frequency is defined by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA-96). These frequencies are also what your insurer will require. Some restaurants require a cleaning every 2 weeks, while others can go 6 months or longer in between cleanings.

Some common signs that it's time for a cleaning:

  • Equipment does not come clean after scrubbing
  • Rattling or unusual sounds from the exhaust fan
  • Exhaust fan stops working
  • Smoke or cooking smells not fully vented